The end of Recovering The Past's Australian debut and a fantastic first step on the project's tour of Queensland

Artist Ian Alderman pictured amongst the artworks of ‘Recovering The Past’ at its all-important and overwhelmingly successful first display to the Australian public.


This crucially important Australian debut would not have been possible without the essential support of the Queensland government’s Anzac100 Lasting Legacies scheme, the members of RSL Maryborough sub-branch, and Gatakers artspace. The artist would like to convey his sincere thanks to each of these organisations for making this event a reality.

The more than seven years of painstaking effort was involved with bringing this project to Australia and has been rewarded with fantastic critique from its visitors. The final word on this first display is reserved for the generous review left on this website’s comments section by ‘Michael’, a visitor to this exhibition:

I was transfixed by the powerful message conveyed by this exhibition. It is not only a testament to the suffering subjected to the men and women who were immersed in this saw-toothed savagery, but, also the families who were bereaved and those who suffered well after their loved ones returned home.
The exhibition is so poignant that it goes beyond the Great War, it's message is just as potent in our time.