A Custom Quotation from a Visitor

Some fine visitor comment from Recovering The Past’s display at Roma. It’s always inspiring for us to receive such acclaim for this important work.

“I have thought long and hard about what to write which might reflect how I feel about the exhibition. But words fail me…mainly because I cannot express how deeply moved I’ve been.”

“Absolutely incredible & original”

“This is a very special exhibition”

“A beautiful exhibition, we left in tears”

“Wonderful exhibition, great to see fantastic quality photography and artistry”

“Amazing display, very informative”

“Really amazing!”

“Amazing, thought provoking, heartbreaking”

“This is a very special exhibition”

“Very poignant and moving”

“Thank you for this project of remembrance”

“Wonderful, so good to reflect on the legacy of the First World War as it continues today”

“Such an insightful and creative exhibition”