Front cover recognition for 'Recovering The Past'

Leading industry publication 'The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction' has given 'Recovering The Past' the privilege of featuring on the front cover of its latest edition.

This journal is the longest continuous source of information on humanitarian mine action, Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and conventional weapons destruction (CWD) in the world, its recognition of 'Recovering The Past's artistic contribution to 'post conflict reconciliation' is therefore of great significance.

My thanks to Professor Kenneth Rutherford, Director of Centre for International Stabilisation and Recovery, and Managing Editor Jennifer Risser for creating this opportunity to share the project to its unique global community.

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Photography inspires poetry

A very rewarding development for me as the artist to receive an email with a difference, courtesy of Daniel Packham, a recent visitor to the current exhibition of 'Recovering The Past'.

In his email, Daniel explained how the exhibition had prompted him to put pen to paper; the result, this very fine poem entitled 'Iron Harvest'.



Raining from a steel sky,

The iron reaper seeks it's Mark,

What horror, descending in a breath,

To harvest fear and flesh.


Entombed in subterranean slumber,

The reaper ascends, 

Through season on season,

Through time and earth,

A century passed by,

Unshackled ,re emerged,

To seek its crop of tears,

Beneath an Autumn sky.


My sincere thanks to Daniel, and his able demonstration of how one artistic medium can inspire another

'Recovering The Past' opens to the public

The exhibition of 'Recovering The Past' has finally begun at the 'In Flanders Fields' museum with fantastic levels of enthusiastic feedback from its visitors. Seventeen of the project's images are on display, at this most extraordinary of venues.


Exhibition of 'Recovering The Past' begins in Ypres

Recovering The Past takes the stage at the Eminent 'In Flanders Fields Museum' Ypres for a period of 6 months. Featuring in the temporary exhibition entitled 'Total War in Flanders', the project will be exhibited to the many national and international visitors to Ypres during the significant centenary commemorations to the Third Battle of Ypres, or as it commonly referred to, 'Passchendaele'. Many thanks to curator Piet Chielens for this extraordinary opportunity to display this unique project to the public at such a poignant moment in the commemorations of the Great War.


'Recovering The Past' exhibited at the United Nations, Geneva

United Nations, Geneva, December 2015 -  Courtesy of Belgium's 'Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs', 'Recovering The Past' was exhibited at the 14th Meeting of States Parties to the Ottawa Convention, and an eminent first public display for the project

Given an enthusiastic reception by Belgium's HRH Princess Astrid and Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders (above), the exhibition proved an enormous success.